Welcome to Joyful Sensory Parenting

Parenting through sensory processing disorder and other diagnoses is hard. Still, joy is possible.

What is Joyful Sensory Parenting?

Joyful Sensory Parenting is a curriculum that brings together people who are raising children struggling with sensory processing disorder. Our curriculum is designed to help you:

- Understand sensory processing disorder

- Parent confidently 

- Find solutions that fit your child and family

- Get you connected with community 

- Develop both personal and parenting skills

So that you can have a family where everyone thrives in joy and harmony. 

Joyful Sensory Parenting was created by Elise Caton, occupational therapist and founder of the Lamp Post Therapy Center. She is specialized and certified in sensory integration theory, evaluation, treatment, and practice. Elise has been treating children and adults with sensory processing disorder and other diagnoses for over 18 years. In her experience, parents who are involved in therapy and growing in their parenting identity and skills will have better outcomes and stories of success. Joyful Sensory Parenting was created to help parents cultivate their parenting skills, understanding of sensory processing, and to create more joyful families.